July 6, 2017–Travels with George

Spent the day today traveling with George–about whom more later, I suspect–flying from Boston to Milwaukee.  The last time I was here I was arrested.  More accurately, the last time I visited GREATER Milwaukee (which is still not all that great) I was arrested in Waukesha.  Of course, I was 17, in the army and hitchhiking from Indianapolis to Minneapolis (about 600 miles).  After my arrest, I was released and had to walk a few miles back to the Interstate.  A few weeks after that, I was arrested for the last time (so far) in my life–still 17, still in the army.

Before you express your jealousy at my trip to Milwaukee, let me up the ante–our final destination is the ginseng capitol of the midwest–Wasau, Wisconsin!   But I digress without having begun.  Please, let me begin again.

George and I spent the afternoon at the Harley-Davidson Museum.  Pirsig’s classical/romantic split couldn’t have been more in evidence, as George marveled at the functional advances and missteps Harley demonstrated during the last century, while I focused entirely on form–admiring the design changes and connecting them to cultural ebbs and flows.  Regardless, it was a surprisingly fun time.

I then spent 90 minutes with one of my Blue Fairy Godmothers, John whose last name I haven’t gotten permission to use.  John contacted me 18 months ago, after I had a public and ultimately successful contretemps with a celebrity.  At the time, John was part of a consortium of folks who wanted to start up an online fantasy sports site.  That idea now has a stake through its heart due to banks’ unwillingness to work with an “industry” tailor-made for laundering ill-gotten gains.  John and I have maintained regular contact out of affection and mutual respect, but today was the first time we met face to face.  He is a good man who asked a lot of probing questions and offered even more useful advice.  If only he didn’t live in Milwaukee!

Now it’s midnight in Wasau, a traveling softball team is still splashing in the pool outside our room, and tomorrow we search for the secrets of this Chinese herb.  Oh joy.

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