Oh. Yes. Why Ginseng?

Ginseng is a miracle herb that does nothing.  Ginseng is the cure for every malady except a diagnosable disease.  Ginseng is a force multiplier for life in its battle against death, although the death rate continues at about 100% over time.  Ginseng is a root that grows wild all over the world, particularly in cooler climates, and can claim huge amounts of money in Southeast Asia, with South Korea having an exchange devoted to its sale, much like the futures markets in Chicago.

I suspect ginseng has some small beneficial effect on overall health, but my friend George is a true believer, so invested that when I offered him a free trip to anywhere in the continental USA, he chose Wasau, Wisconsin, to learn about ginseng cultivation at the epicenter of American ginseng farming.  For the next five days, he and I will attempt to breach the great wall of silence maintained by ginseng farmers, learning their secrets so George can perhaps begin his road to incalculable riches, a road through a field filled with roots.

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