Guaranteed 99% Non-Autobiographical (the book, not this post)

Early readers of On Account of Because asked the same question over and over.

“Keith, you’re incredibly charming, handsome enough in the right light AND you’ve written a moving, funny and insightful book–one which all of my friends should read–but I have to know.  How much of On Account of Because is autobiographical?  Are you Clayton?  Pops?  Eleanor Buonardi?  The mouse?”

The answer I gave each of them is the one I offer you.  To quote my very loose translation of Mark 16:6–“If you’re looking for the author, he’s gone.  Caught the 3:10 to Yuma.”  For you, though, Constant Reader, I’ll give you the reason why the title says 99% instead of 100%.  I do, Hitchcock-like, make a walk-on appearance in the book.  The first reader to quote the description of me will get a free autographed copy of this and all my future books.  Really and for true.

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