Veterans Writing Retreat 9/22-9/24

Updated Information for the First Tiny White Box Veteran Writers’ Retreat

Dates:  September 22 – 24 (3 days)

September 22 —  29 (8 days)

Transportation will be provided by volunteers on Friday, 9/22 up to Pittsburg; Sunday, 9/24 and Friday, 9/29 back from Pittsburg.  Rides will be available from Nashua and Manchester, although if you’ve live elsewhere, it’s worth asking about because we’ll do our best to provide it.

The retreat is self-directed if you wish, although Keith will be glad to help direct writing, offer prompts and help and generally be a resource.  For what it’s worth, Keith has published a lot and been writing forever, as well as having taught writing for 20 years as director of various alternative schools.  In short, he’s not much, but he’s all he’s got.

Unless you object vehemently, you will be asked to share some of your writing with the rest of the group.  This can either be done orally or by using an on-site printer to prepare copies.

Food will be provided.  Please bear in mind that Keith is paying for this out of pocket (Tiny White Box is a concept, not a funding stream), so no complaining about the fare.  Alternatively, if you’d like to earn gold stars and accolades, feel free to bring along food to share with all.  It will be appreciated.

Warriors@45 North, whose property we will be on, requires a one-page release form, which we’ll send to you once you’re signed up.

All Tiny White Box and Warriors@45 North activities are drug- and alcohol-free.  We know you understand this, and will respect this requirement.  If you don’t , you will be dropped off at a bus station in the North Country and need to find your own way home.

To register, email Keith at or call him at (603)361-6266.  He’s in Pittsburg now, with no immediate cell coverage, so email is best, although messages do get through to him.

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