“But He’s a Muslim”

Next month I’m being awarded a prize, the Community Service Award, from the Turkish Cultural Center in Manchester, at their annual Friendship Dinner.  I’m honored.  I’m pleased.  I’m flabbergasted.  My first thought was they had the wrong man, but since they’d sent the invitation to my post office box in Pittsburg, that seemed unlikely.  According … Continue reading “But He’s a Muslim”

Alcohypochondria–You Saw It Here First!

I’m not sure how one goes about declaring the discovery of a new disease, but I imagine describing its symptoms comes near the front of the train.  The other night, sitting in a meeting, I mentally coined a word, alcohypochondria.  While playing with the pleasing sound of it, I realized I had hit the triple … Continue reading Alcohypochondria–You Saw It Here First!

Three-Dimensional Russian Roulette

I used to be addicted to heroin. I am addicted to heroin. I will always be addicted to heroin. Verbs melt and blend and lose their meaning when talking about addiction.  And so does life.  No matter that I have not been physically, medically, existentially addicted to heroin in decades.  Once you’ve found the way … Continue reading Three-Dimensional Russian Roulette

Don’t Check Your Set–Radio Silence from Here for a Couple Days

Bob Hunt and I have been friends for about four years.  In that time, we’ve each given the other reason for anger and near-hatred.  I’m not going to go into details, and I trust Bob won’t either.  Still, despite each of us having thought the other a rat-bastard, our friendship has endured.  Each of us … Continue reading Don’t Check Your Set–Radio Silence from Here for a Couple Days

A Fable

A certain man was a gardener, specializing in beautiful perennial gardens.  Discarding modern, efficient techniques like fertilizer, irrigation and rotation, the man instead relied on intuition, caring and a search for perfection.  For miles around, people came to see each year’s garden, observing the beauty of both change and continuity.  The man was pleased to … Continue reading A Fable