Possible, But Not Inevitable: My Strange Relationship with Money

It’d be nice to love money for money’s sake. I’ve had friends whose happiness and peace of mind were directly proportional to how much money they were making and how much they had socked away. It’s a simple formula that yields results like: “I’m only making $40,000 a year and I’ve only got $2,000 in … Continue reading Possible, But Not Inevitable: My Strange Relationship with Money

Swimming Together, Not Drowning Alone

I really like Christmas, but I know not everybody does. One group that Christmas can attack with a vengeance is people who are early (for this, let’s say 1 day to 2 years) in their recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Another group in danger is folks who are solidly recovered and at an intermediate … Continue reading Swimming Together, Not Drowning Alone

A Child’s Christmas in Agnostica

I was a different person 21 Christmases ago. I was director of an alternative school in Henniker. I was a married homeowner. Libby, my youngest daughter, was only five weeks old, and her mother was recovering from burned feet, one of medical history’s strangest complications from an emergency hysterectomy. Because of those injuries, we had … Continue reading A Child’s Christmas in Agnostica