Welcome Chronicles Viewers! Here’s a Smorgasbord of Tiny White Box Columns

So . . . you’ve seen the Tiny White Box on Channel 9’s “Chronicles” program. Thanks for watching, and thanks for stopping by. As I write this, I haven’t seen the segment, so I don’t know its theme. Let’s assume it didn’t call for villagers to burn me out of the Great North Woods, and that you’d like to see what I’ve been doing.

Below are the 25 most popular columns on the site. Clicking on a title will take you to the column, but I’ll bet you knew that already. (Full Disclosure: “most popular” is a weasel phrase that includes a few pieces that I like better than readers did. Do enjoy. Do respond. And do keep visiting.

Drug/Alcohol Rehab Stuff

Three-Dimensional Russian Roulette: Heroin and Me

Alcohypochondria: The Disease I Discover, Describe and Suffered from

Swimming Together, Not Drowning Alone: Thoughts on Alcathons

I Wasn’t an Alcoholic. I Just Drank to Stay Sane

There is No God, But that Doesn’t Stop Him from Working

A Pair of Christmas Miracles

Childhood Stuff

Shooting a Chickadee

Silence is Golden, Slumber is Final: A Fishing Story

Cute, with a Side of Evil: Making My Grandfather Cry

Murdering Chatty Cathy:  A Fairy Tale

Totaling a Car at 11: I was Trying to Get Out of Trouble

Adoption Stuff

Sally Piper Words, Words, Words: A Brief Sketch of Sally Piper, a Woman I Never Knew

Sally Piper Had A Peck of Unplanned Pregnancies

Political Stuff

A Patriotic Rant with a Twist: A Veterans View of the National Anthem

“But He’s a Muslim”: The Reason (I think) I’m Being Given an Award

An Undelivered Speech at the Turkish Cultural Center’s Friendship Dinner (along with what I did say)

Wouldn’t It?: Response to the Texas Church Shootings

Tiny House Stuff

Tiny White Box Profiled in Vagabond Monthly

“My Name is Keith and I . . . Live in a Tiny House

A Phrase that Will Not Pass My Lips

Veterans Stuff

Today is Not a Good Day to Die: Waiting for My Murderer (or a sad man) (or no one at all)

The Hermit with the Pastor’s Heart or How I Managed to Avoid Death, Make Some Jokes and Maybe Help a Veteran a Little Bit


Rejected Book Titles

More Rejected Book Titles

Mocking My Betters:  Luckily the World is Filled with Them









6 responses to “Welcome Chronicles Viewers! Here’s a Smorgasbord of Tiny White Box Columns”

  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us all out here in TV land! My husband and I live off of Camp Otter Road… by the ‘old broken down house’. Glad to know you are here and God bless your work. Bruce and I are also both in recovery, thanks be to the Grace of God. Keep up the good work and again, thanks for sharing!


  2. Loved the story I think you are an inspiration for many. Thank you for your service. I think you have a great gift of talking. Would be cool to sit and have a deep conversation.


  3. Happened to land on channel 9 tonight and caught the segment on you. Caught my eye and of course I had to check out your webpage! Looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks for sharing!


  4. hey tiny man keep up the the good work man I feel yah I was there my self on the tracks drinking behind the liquor store back in the day lot of those guys r dead now glad you got out and trying to help as well getting some else off ledge props to you might know some of the people I know. if so email me and we,talk if that’s ok with you oh I,am no good on this teck shit e mail me at destinywil07@aol.com then we try facebook don,t know about it


  5. Mutual friend Jonas has mentioned you to me several times. Now I know why you are held in such high regard. So glad to be able to read your posts now. (Probably will be reading when I should be doing other things! but hey…. My heart is bursting in gratitude that you have survived and are working on continuing this adventure and through that you can truly connect to those who want off the ledge. Blessings upon blessings to you sir.


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