April 5, 2020

Dear Hope Nation,

Here in During the Pandemic, we don’t have all that much to anticipate. I mean, I still look forward to the weekends, even though they don’t taste all that much different than weekdays—maybe slightly less aspirin aftertaste. I visualize sunny days, although this week I’ve thought clear skies are just the after-effects of a fever dream. Still, I’ve spent too much time trying to play my hand and too little trying to figure out what’s in the cards. Until now. Tuesday, April 7, at 12:30, you and you and, especially, you are invited to the best party since . . . well, at least since Hope had to close its doors three weeks ago.

This lunch is informal—shirts are required and if you’re going to stand up so are pants. Just join Hope staff and members for a meal and some community.

If you’re frightened of either magic or tickets, you don’t have to click above. You can use this link:
Join Zoom Meeting

If you can’t make next Tuesday, but would like to be part of similar gatherings in the future, please send me a suggested date (keith.howard@recoverynh.org) and we’ll make it happen. After all

You matter. I matter. We matter.


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