I live in a Tiny White Box with a dog named Sam. I write, read, work with writers and walk in the woods.  Sam (is a dog), a boxer and lab (I can’t bring myself to use the phrase boxador), joins me on the last activity.  At 58,I’m too old to die young but too young to die yet, so I’ve taken a sabbatical from life for a year while plotting the next act of my improbable life.  This site records that time away from life.

As a warning, I am no Napoleon on Elba, plotting escape and a return to glory.  First, I’ve never wielded power.  Second, I’ve left rather than eaten the bitter bread of banishment.

Third, although I’m freakishly short, I have never intended to invade Russia.  Yet.

My life in a Tiny White Box is filled with music.  Among the artists regularly playing are:

Tonio K – The great unknown songwriter of the last 75 years

Peter Case – His eponymous first album is perfect from echo to eyes

Ani DiFranco – I am a deeply closeted lesbian leftist

Philip Glass – Classical m

usic for the short-attention-spanned

Warren Zevon – Obviously

Bob Dylan – Obviousler

Jill Sobule – No one-hit wonder (and that “hit” reached #67 on the Billboard Top 100 chart), she writes and sings great songs

Looking over this list, I realize other than Glass, I basically like one performer wearing different masks – I will angrily defend that mask.

Also, I walk.  All the time.  With my dog.  Sam (is a dog) and I log about 5 miles a day.  Honestly, I walk 5 miles; Sam (is a dog), with the back-and-forth pattern of puppies, probably gets more like 12 or 15.  I’m the one with the iPhone that records my steps, though, so my numbers are official.

This site is updated almost daily (see the Ramblings section), so do come back.  Meanwhile, I’ll listen to Django Reinhardt (a favorite instrumentalist), work on the next Pretty Damn Good American Novel, tinker with a memoir and continue to plot the destruction of my enemies by turning them into my friends.

Oh, yes.  I’m supporting myself completely with writing now, so please buy a copy of On Account of Because, a novel praised by none other than Tonio K., if this can be considered praise:

Got my copy of On Account of Because. Great title!
Read the first two chapters immediately, and was immediately drawn into the story; will finish it as soon as I complete my current reading assignment:  The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Christmas is always coming, even when there’re just bones on the plate, so here’s a link to another gift to demonstrate your dedication to strangeness.