The Land of Before

With little warning, we were driven off the shores of the Land of Before.

“Three weeks ago, without knowing it at all, we lived in a different world, the Land of Before. In the Land of Before we could live our lives without compulsive hand-washing, daily government briefings and closed everythings. With a few government edicts, we departed Before and we’ll never walk its shores again. Before is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” Read more here.

Below you will find blog posts written prior to 2020. 

An Unorthodox Man’s Unorthodox Search for a New Home

December 19, 2019
About a year and a half ago, I wrote an open letter to the universe regarding my search for my next job. While the universe didn’t directly write back, that column led to an all-expenses paid weeklong trip to New Orleans for a job interview, along with a number of sometimes fascinating phone conversations with … Continue reading

A Drunkard’s Dream

August 1, 2019

This morning a meatball dropped on my head. Translation for the pious: God reminded me of His grace, giving me a vision of myself had I not been lucky enough to get sober 12 years ago.  The meatball splattered at about 7:40 am in the lovely seaside town of Whitley Bay, just outside Newcastle. Tomorrow … Continue reading

When the ER Nurse Says, “Good Luck” It’s Medical Jargon for “Next Step: The Morgue”

March 22, 2019

My daughter, Meredith (Meri) Howard overdosed on opioids last Friday. She, unlike thousands of other New Hampshire overdose victims, is alive. Meri is 24 years old, adored by the world (if not always by herself) and had been clean of opioids for more than four years. Her mom, Cindy, discovered her, called 911 and Meri … Continue reading

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