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Totaling a Car Five Years Before I Got My License

On a beautiful May Saturday afternoon when I was 11, I was in trouble. Saying I was “in trouble” was like describing me as being “in shirt and pants” or “in America.” Given my ways and, especially, my mouth, my trouble could have arrived for a number of reasons—talking back to parents or teachers, not […]

My Friend Larry is Likely to Die Soon

My friend Larry is likely to die soon. As director of Hope for New Hampshire Recovery, I’ve seen way too many people die, either from suicide or drug overdose. Larry doesn’t seem suicidal, although none of us can know for sure. Larry doesn’t now really use illegal drugs. Still . . . My friend Larry […]

I Have Covid-19. It Sucks

December 1, 2021 Dear Hope Nation, I have COVID-19. It sucks.  Do whatever you can to prevent yourself from getting it, unless you like losing your sense of taste and smell, feeling sore all over, coughing, being chilled and needing to sleep 18 hours a day. If you’re not vaccinated, please get vaccinated. If you’re […]

Hell May Be Hot, But Cold is Hell!

All year round, Manchester has a huge homeless challenge. From now until springtime, that challenge is a humanitarian crisis. Without a place to escape the cold, human beings will lose fingers, noses, ears and toes. Some people may die. Think of it!  In a wealthy city more than 20 years into a new millennium, people on […]


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